Mithai Collection - Classic Flavours

Paan Fudge

A white chocolate, ‘paan’ flavoured fudge infused with homemade paan masala, a rich blend of cherries, pecans and a generous coconut sprinkle.

Rose Ball

Flavours truly designed for royalty in this cashew nut delicacy rolled in dehydrated rose petals.


A refreshingly zesty barfi spiked with nuts, drizzled with smooth and luxurious white chocolate and a corn crumble.

Pretzel Crunch

Marshmallows folded into a peanut jumble, creating a salty but sweet crunch.

Krunchie Bite

A childhood favourite with a classic mixture of biscuit and cereal topped with a smooth layer of chocolate to take you on a walk down memory lane.

Mango Roll

A cashew barrel coated with a delicate layer of mango creating this tangy delight.

Kit Kat Square

Our modern twist on an Indian classic, made with the finest ingredients and topped with a layer of milk chocolate.


A blend of cereals, marshmallows, Biscoff spread and biscuits topped with a luxurious layer of turmeric chocolate.

Fruit & Nut

A concoction of dried cranberries, apricot and mixed nuts makes this a subtle chocolate delight.

Pink Velvet

A distinct blend of rose, coconut and dark chocolate gives a rich velvet like texture that can only be savoured over and over again.

Apricot Delight

A melt in the mouth coconut bite sandwiched with apricot jelly, garnished with pistachios, dried raspberries and a hint of saffron.

Mint Square

A delicately mint infused bite topped with dark chocolate streaks leaving a refreshing taste.

Triple Sandwich

A three layered mithai of coconut, saffron and chocolate creating this indulgent delight garnished with a sprinkle of pistachios and almonds.

Sunburst Saffron

This delicacy includes a saffron infused almond fudge enriched with cardamom. Let the aroma tantalise your senses.

Orange Blossom

A zingy zesty combination, subtly orange flavoured and coated in a nutty crumble.

Almond Twist

Layers of flavoured almond garnished with cardamon, rose petals and a hint of saffron.

Kapi Almond

Slow kneaded almonds with a hint of cardamon and saffron into one creamy mixture.

Saffron Wheel

Kesar Pyramid

A potent dose of the delectable dark crimson saffron encaptured in a pyramid and garnished with pista.

Velvet Mocha

Let the beads of coffee melt in your mouth in this rich mixture of milky sweetness, drizzled with white chocolate.

Guava Roll

Fruit infused nutty concoction rolled in a delicate pink coconut blanket, creating this unique but indulgent delight.

Kiwi Parfi

A potent dose of kiwi encaptured in a luxurious pistachio coating topped with saffron flavoured almonds.

Nutty Date - VEGAN

This lucious mixture of roasted chunky nuts and dates makes it a healthy favourite.

Cranberry Crush - VEGAN

A burst of tongue tickling cranberries drizzled with smooth white chocolate and luxurious pistachios.

Kiwi Medley - VEGAN

A fruity combination that is delightfully refreshing as you bite into it.

Mango Mix

A fusion of delicious mango pieces and mixed roasted nuts in white chocolate ganache makes this a crunchy mithai.

Paan Punch

A fusion of homemade ‘Paan Masala’ and mixed roasted nuts combined with white chocolate.

Kesar Krunch

A splash of saffron bound in an assortment of mineral rich nuts, white chocolate and cardamon.

Pista Treat

A rich blend of pistachios, mixed nuts and white chocolate creates this flavourful delight with a lot of crunchiness.

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